Againts All Odds - John A Brink - Book Cover

Against All Odds

How attitude, passion, and work ethic lead to success.

In 1965, John Brink left the Netherlands for Canada equipped with only a single suitcase and $25.47 in cash. He had no connections, he didn’t speak the language, and he’d never finished elementary school, yet he was convinced he could make his dream to build his own sawmill come true. With a tenacity bordering on obsession, John achieved his dreams … and then some. Today, he not only owns Canada’s largest wood remanufacturing company but he’s been recognized with the most prestigious awards for his commitment to his industry and the communities where he works. This, with an attention deficit disorder that ran undiagnosed for decades.

How did he achieve his business success? How did he go from a three-time Grade 7 dropout to an honorary doctorate? How did he grow $25.47 into the means today to substantially expand his business, support a lifestyle that includes showing horses and flying planes, and support hundreds of charities across the country?

In this lively autobiography, John distills a half-century’s hard work to share 10 simple takeaways. Maximize undervalued assets. Find opportunity in niche markets. Do the right thing. And above all, embrace the requirements that brought him success and can do the same for you: attitude, passion, work ethic.

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