Episode 3: Colin Breadner

Colin Breadner is an accomplished Real Estate Agent in Prince George, B.C. He has also previously worked in the food industry and brings the same enthusiasm and techniques into his Real Estate career. Colin discusses his thoughts on the current state of Podcasting, the Real Estate markets, and what the future has in store for him.

Episode 2: Gillian Roberts

Accomplished tri-athlete, Wheelin’ Warrior, cancer survivor and teacher are just a few things that has made Gillian Roberts who she is. Above all else, she has remained a genuine, kind and positive person even through even through all her struggles. She sits down with John A. Brink to talk about all the highs and lows, and much more!

Episode 1: Kendall Kershaw

Kendall Kershaw is an accomplished fitness icon from Prince George, Canada. She is also the first ever guest “On The Brink”. This edition of the podcast Kendall and John discuss the positives, negatives, and the future of the fitness industry at large.