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Dr Tracey Lotze

Dr. Tracey Lotze MB ChB, CCFP
Family and Emergency Medicine Physician

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"It is my great pleasure to introduce ADHD Unlocked, the second book written by John Brink.

I’ve had the honour of getting to know John over the past few years and have been
immensely inspired by his mental and physical tenacity, which led to his success “against all odds” — appropriately, the title of his first book.

ADHD Unlocked is a fitting sequel to Against All Odds, highlighting how relentless focus, consistent drive, and the nurturing of personal strengths led to John’s success, despite the adversity he faced early — and throughout — his life. In many ways, this book is even more personal than the first, laying bare the challenges that John confronted from childhood — challenges that might have pushed others into despair and defeat.

The book additionally offers personal stories and insight into the private lives of other professionals who have achieved much, chronicling the many difficulties that ADHD presents and offering hope to those of us following the same, often arduous, journey. John’s courage in sharing his own story and laying bare his personal challenges is inspiring, especially when contrasted against the image of confidence that he shows to the public.

Ultimately, ADHD Unlocked is John’s effort to de-stigmatize the ADHD label. By offering hope and inspiration for those of us (myself included) who still battle the challenges that ADHD presents daily, John proves that ADHD can be a “superpower” — and gives us all a glimpse of how being “imperfect” can sometimes be perfect!

In ADHD Unlocked, John Brink brings the uncomfortable into the light by giving up his secrets and the truths they tell. It is an extraordinary work."

Dr Tracey Lotze MB ChB, CCFP
Family and Emergency Medicine Physician