Finding Your Passion Living the Dream - John A Brink - Book Cover

Living Young
Dying Old

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In Living Young Dying Old, John A. Brink invites you on a transformative journey into the heart of modern biomedicine. As we stand on the brink of revolutionary health and wellness discoveries, one truth becomes clear: the key to a vibrant, youthful life doesn't reside in mythical complexities but in the harmonious interplay between our genetics, environment, and daily decisions.

Dive deep into the intricate dance of our molecular biology and uncover the profound impact of our everyday choices. Brink's insightful exploration reveals how today's actions can not only enhance our personal well-being but also shape the health and vitality of future generations.

Prepare to be inspired, informed, and empowered. Living Young Dying Old is more than just a book—it's a blueprint for living a life full of energy, purpose, and longevity. Join John in embracing a future where thriving at any age is not just a possibility, but a reality you deserve.

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Finding Your Passion Living the Dream - John A Brink - Book Cover

Finding Your Passion
Living the Dream

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Although passion is often said to be essential for living a meaningful life, it is a slippery concept, encompassing everything from desire and identity to self-knowledge and, ultimately, happiness. But what exactly is passion? How do we identify it? How can we find it and nurture it? How do we harness it so that we can live our most extraordinary life? And what might that life look like? In his third book, Finding Your Passion, Living the Dream, entrepreneur and forest-industry disruptor John A. Brink delves deeply into his well of experience to answer these questions. John has been driven and guided by passion all his life, from the difficult early years in his native Holland to his emigration, at age 25, to Prince George, British Columbia, with no grasp of English and only $25.47 to his name. This is a man who embodies passion in everything he does, from running his many businesses and advising the government of British Columbia on forestry policy to pursuing his outside interests - competitive body building, dressage riding, and philanthropy, to name a few. John lives by a specific credo: that attitude + passion + work ethic will inevitably lead to success. All three elements are vitally important - but passion is the "mother sauce," the base that makes all the rest possible. In this remarkable book, John uncovers the meaning of passion and explores how making it central to your life will unlock your true potential, leading to happiness, satisfaction, and - however you define it - success.
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ADHD Unlocked - John A Brink - Book Cover

ADHD Unlocked

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ADHD can be harnessed as a force for greatness in your life. This is a message that I strongly believe needs to be heard and a position that needs to be staked out forcefully and persuasively. This is because I firmly believe that it’s true, but also because the alternative — to be buried or stymied by the barriers we face as people with differentially tuned attention — will get us nowhere. Nowhere.

To this end, I’ve written an inspiring book that focusses on the many positives that having ADHD brings to the table — but that doesn’t gloss over the negatives. I want to challenge stereotypes, and, like a good life coach, provide a blueprint for better living. I want to share stories of coping and of success, and hopefully find a new way of framing a condition that affects so many. Mainly, though, I want to share my story and the stories of others in a way that illuminates the path forward and gives hope to those who are struggling.

I'm excited to publish ADHD Unlocked this July 2022 in printed form, ebook, and audiobook narrated by me.

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Againts All Odds - John A Brink - Book Cover

Against All Odds

How attitude, passion, and work ethic lead to success.

In 1965, John Brink left the Netherlands for Canada equipped with only a single suitcase and $25.47 in cash. He had no connections, he didn’t speak the language, and he’d never finished elementary school, yet he was convinced he could make his dream to build his own sawmill come true. With a tenacity bordering on obsession, John achieved his dreams … and then some. Today, he not only owns Canada’s largest wood remanufacturing company but he’s been recognized with the most prestigious awards for his commitment to his industry and the communities where he works. This, with an attention deficit disorder that ran undiagnosed for decades.

How did he achieve his business success? How did he go from a three-time Grade 7 dropout to an honorary doctorate? How did he grow $25.47 into the means today to substantially expand his business, support a lifestyle that includes showing horses and flying planes, and support hundreds of charities across the country?

In this lively autobiography, John distills a half-century’s hard work to share 10 simple takeaways. Maximize undervalued assets. Find opportunity in niche markets. Do the right thing. And above all, embrace the requirements that brought him success and can do the same for you: attitude, passion, work ethic.

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