On The Brink | AmiLynne Carroll | Episode #262

AmiLynne (Babs), certified Holistic Practitioner & Holistic Life Coach, is a devoted and trusted Travel Partner supporting seekers, world-wide, who wish to transcend the roller coaster of the human experience to rediscover the divine ebb and flow of life.

A practiced student of the human and the divine, AmiLynne unites the practical with the incorporeal, guiding clients as they connect with who they’ve always been, but simply forgotten along the way.

An author, speaker and steadfast seeker herself, AmiLynne is dedicated to the healing, liberation and awakening of all that lives. AmiLynne Carroll, Truth – freshly discovered in the Now of Being.

AmiLynne’s new book “Conversations of Consequence” offers a roadmap for embracing life’s twists and turns with courage, compassion, and clarity. Through heartfelt stories, profound revelations, and practical guidance, Babs invites you to embark on a journey of self-discovery, transformation, and spiritual awakening.

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