On The Brink | Dr. Brandy Victory | Episode #254

Dr. Brandy Victory, D.C. is a Quantum Functional Health Specialist, leading the movement of helping people shift from overwhelm, excess weight, fatigue and pain to accessing their vitality and wellbeing. by optimizing their bodies and lives. Once afflicted with bipolar manic depression, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, hypothyroidism, and suicidal, doctors said she’d be on medication the rest of her life. She’s not been on meds for over 25 years and lives a vibrant, turned-on life, excited to share the message of wellbeing for those ready to upgrade their wellbeing. Through Quantum Healing, neuro-emotional clearing, embodiment coaching, nutrition, functional health practices and shamanistic healing modalities, she invites people to their greatness by helping them unlock their potential to truly heal. Everyone has everything they need within. We just need to find the key to unlock it so they can shine! https://bit.ly/BrandyVictoryPodcast

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