On The Brink | Jan Hedberg | Episode #81

Jan Hedberg is a professional forester in Sweden and owner of the company Skogsresor. In this episode, John Brink and Jan Hedberg spend time comparing the Sweden and British Columbia forest industries.

Since 2002, SKOGSRESOR offers well-organized themed trips across the world with a forest connection. They increase Swedish residents’ global knowledge of FORESTS & WOOD as well as agricultural activities through visits to the world’s most interesting forest areas. They’ve made several trips to British Columbia and Brink Forest Products throughout the years.

SKOGSRESOR has the goal of creating meetings between people interested in forests and wood in the travel group and in different countries. They tour participants to add/expand the value of the forest on their forest properties and in forest work. Increasing awareness of forests as an environmentally friendly, renewable resource for Swedish and the global future is one of their most important goals.

SKOGSRESOR is coming back to Canada in August 2023.

There is also a Shaw Spotlight interview with Jan Hedberg available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Dl95TWqJnc

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