On The Brink | Michelle Mccarthy | Episode #257

Meet Michelle McCarthy, a personal brand strategist with 15 years of experience working with everyone from solopreneurs to tech giants. Michelle’s passion lies in helping successful women with bold ambitions step out from the confines of their current role and build authentic personal brands.


She’s developed a personal branding framework that guides women who want more through establishing themselves as the go-to in their industry. With a knack for spotting untapped potential and a genuine desire to spark change, Michelle guides her clients to embrace their uniqueness so they have an unforgettable impact. Her approach is all about keeping it real and aligning personal values with over-the-top professional goals. Her framework is designed to help these powerhouse women launch themselves into the spotlight, selling books, booking keynotes, and becoming established thought leaders.

Follow Michelle on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/immichellemccarthy/

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