Interview Series – Chapter 6: What Doesn’t Kill You

After winning the court case, the next step was to obtain damages. At this point the business was being boycotted because of the law suit and John was again facing bankrupcy if he didn't figure out how to reduce expenses and raise capital.

What kept John going during this uncertain time? His dream for his business and his commitment to his employees. Even John's employees knew and understood the unfairness that was revealed in the court case and were willing to stick with John until the buisness could get turned back around.

As if that wasn't a big enough challenge to overcome, a change in Provincial Government meant a change to many policies and priorities in the resource sector. At that time, the priorities changed to export more lumber to Asia...usually most of the lower grade lumber that was previously used by BC secondary manufacturers (like Brink Forest Products).

Through the College of New Caledonia, John helped develop the "Wood Working Initiative" that encouraged BC construction to use wood as a more integral part of a buildings construction so that we could show the world in a literal sense why wood is a better alternative to other materials in some cases.

In this inteview, John also goes through his vision for the BC forest industry and what a bright future might look like.

Against All Odds is scheduled for release on March 12, 2021, both in hard copy and audiobook format.

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