John Brink – Interviewed on Crazy Damn Canadians Podcast

John A. Brink was born during the Second World War in northeastern Holland. Canadian soldiers liberated his home town in the spring of 1945 and at that moment, as a 5-year old boy, John decided he would one day move to Canada – the land of his heroes – to pursue his dream of owning a lumber mill. Since then, John has gone on to become a serial entrepreneur, author, business mentor, philanthropist, national ranked body builder, keynote speaker, international dressage competitor and animal welfare advocate.

In 2019, John was nominated to the Order of British Columbia and also received an Honorary Doctorate of Laws Degree from the University of Northern British Columbia. In 2020, John was named as Vice Chair of the Council of Forest Industries and started hosting the Shaw Spotlight Television Series: A History of the BC Forest Industry.

As Founder, President and CEO of the Brink Group of Companies, John still works 60+ hour work weeks and splits his time between Prince George and North Saanich, British Columbia. John’s first book and autobiography – Against All Odds – comes out on March 12, 2021.

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