On The Brink | Amber Larkins | Episode #195

Amber Larkins is a creative artist, a published brand photographer, storytelling expert, a serial entrepreneur, a dynamic speaker, a nurturing coach, & a forward-thinking visionary.

Her driving passion revolves around empowering purpose-driven individuals and brands to effectively communicate their origin stories. By tapping into their innate desire to enact positive change in the world, Amber facilitates the art of storytelling with impact.

With over a decade of experience, Amber has cultivated a proven track record of founding and nurturing her own personal brands. She has collaborated with a diverse range of entrepreneurs, athletes, and athletic brands, elevating their visual narratives to create compelling and influential content.

Amber also proudly hosts “Through the Trauma Podcast”, which is her passion project. In this transformative platform, she engages with a spectrum of remarkable guests who have defied the odds, finding profound success in the face of adversity. Her guests include entrepreneurs, athletes, actors, speakers, coaches, and anyone who has not only survived but thrived through trauma, emerging triumphant.

Amber’s unwavering belief is that each of us possesses the innate power to effect positive change in the world. It all begins with the decision to open our mouths and advocate for the changes we wish to see in the world.

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