On The Brink | Bob Brash | Episode #170

Bob has led an accomplished and varied career as a senior executive in the private, public, and First Nations sectors of BC’s forest and resource industry. His extensive career began with 17 years in various technical and management roles with the Ministry of Forest and Lands, followed by 13 years as vice-president and president with the Husby Group of Companies, and the past eight years as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Executive Officer with Haida Enterprise Corporation.

He has been directly responsible for providing successful leadership and strategic planning to diverse and growing teams in challenging industry climates while concurrently maintaining strong and growing businesses.

Bob has a proven track record of achieving goals and targets while working with a wide spectrum of public interest groups and ownerships to find successful balances of results and collaboration. For both First Nations and licensees, he successfully led the startup of new businesses and transformed them into sustainable and profitable enterprises with strong growth and job creation.

Bob is a registered professional forester, has an MBA from Queen University, and was a TLA Board Director for 10 years.

Learn more about the Truck Loggers Association by visiting https://www.tla.ca/

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