On The Brink | Brooklyn Derksen | Episode #114

Brooklyn Derksen is a local certified Yoga teacher and Level 1 iRest (Integrative Restoration) Meditation teacher. She has a passion to advocate for Mental Health and Complex Chronic Disease Awareness and to share tools for stress management, mental health support, healing and all around wellbeing. She was born and raised in Prince George BC, where she currently teaches yoga classes and workshops around releasing stress.

Brooklyn is also a proud advocate for Mental Health Week in Canada, presented and endorsed by the Canadian Mental Health Association. Collectively and individually, we have multiple layers and stories that make us who we are and while each year 1 in 5 Canadians experience a mental illness or mental health issue, 5 in 5 of us – that’s all people – have mental health.

We all have different, yet equally valuable stories which can be used to share one key message: universal mental health care is important and needed now.

Follow Brooklyn’s journey at https://www.facebook.com/brooklyn.derksen

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