On The Brink | Dana Meise | Episode #30

Dana Meise is an amazing Prince George resident who holds the world record for enduring the longest hike in history (over 21,000km) that took him 10 years to accomplish. When his father lost the ability to walk, Dana was inspired to hike the entirety of the Trans Canada Trail and began his journey in 2008.

Dana travelled throughout all three Canadian territories and 10 provinces in one of the most epic and wild journeys imaginable on the Trans Canada Trail, becoming the first person in the world to touch the country’s three coasts by foot as he journeyed from the Atlantic to the Pacific and finally up to the Arctic Ocean.

In total, Dana went through 27 pairs of hiking boots and finished his extraordinary journey in November of 2018 when he reached Tuktoyaktuk in the arctic. Using his now-intimate knowledge of Canada from coast to coast to coast, he has recently started a podcast and plans to write a book and start a docuseries in the future.

Along the journey, Dana built relationships with Stuart McLean, Walter Gretzky, a very unique adventurer from Belgium and had many experiences with the vast wildlife, wilderness and residents of Canada. Dana truly is the epitome of a passion, strength and determination.

Website: www.thegreathike.ca
Twitter: @thegreathike
Instagram: the.great.hike
Facebook Page: The Great Hike
Email: thegreathike@outlook.com

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