On The Brink | Daryl Bouchard | Episode #135

Daryl Bouchard is a certified Holistic Nutritionist with a military background. She served in the Canadian Armed Forces for nine years prior to starting her own nutrition coaching business.

Daryl created TEAM D Nutrition because she saw a lack of education sharing within the nutrition field and believed that she could help bridge that gap for some.

Daryl currently only takes on female clients, as she specializes in hormonal balance for women. The main focus is education and empowerment. The goal is to empower as many women as possible and provide them with the tools to roam through this very confusing world of nutrition with confidence and grace.

In her spare time, Daryl is quite active. She has many fitness achievements under her belt, but as of right now, she just moves her body for fun.

Daryl also runs a pro bono nutrition program for youth athletes in Victoria, BC. She works closely with Adam Geric at Transform Sports Hockey Academy. This academy provides in house schooling along with on ice training. Adam and Daryl came together to bring in a nutrition education component as we both felt that nutrition education was lacking for youths.

Daryl’s main goal with her business – and the other side work she does – is to simply impact as many humans as possible in this lifetime. Human connection & supporting each other is all we have ❤.

Learn more about Daryl and her business at https://www.teamdnutrition.com/

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