On The Brink | Dr. David Bilstrom | Episode #231

Dr. Bilstrom, M.D., has helped thousands of chronically ill patients reverse autoimmune disease (which the science data says also prevents future disease) because he treats at the root cause. He’s spent almost 30 years striving to treat people using protocols that don’t create more disease. He’s a Functional Medicine expert who is passionate about helping kids reset their epigenetics before age 19 to prevent chronic disease and helping kids and adults optimize their epigenetics to improve the health of their next 6 to 8 generations. Illness because of “old age” is a myth until you reach 90 years of age. Prevention is much easier than the traditional medical industry leads people to believe.

Dr. Bilstrom is a fellow of the American Academy of Integrative Medicine and American Academy of Medical Acupuncture as well as an advanced fellow in anti-aging, regenerative, and functional medicine. Dr. David Bilstrom is quadruple board certified in Functional and Regenerative Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, and Medical Acupuncture.

Dr. Bilstrom is the director of the International Autoimmune Institute and the Bingham Memorial Center for Functional Medicine—the first medical center in the country associated with a teaching hospital to treat all types of autoimmune diseases. It is also the first to use nature and its ability to improve human health and well-being as an integral part of a wellness program.

Learn more about Dr. Bilstrom at http://www.drdavidbilstrom.com/expertscourse

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