On The Brink | Dr. Eric Holsapple | Episode #172

Eric Holsapple’s business career started when he worked at his family campground in Maine. He worked at the local mill during high school, then at K-mart and an auto dealership, where he was promoted to service manager during college. After he earned his MBA, Eric went into real estate.

Eric became the North American President for an Australian group and started his own company shortly afterward. Eric knows about self-generated business success. But he was not satisfied or fulfilled with business success. Eric decided to return to college to get his PhD in economics at Colorado State University (CSU) so he could teach.

While at CSU, Eric started Yoga, and a few years later, was introduced to meditation. Through Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness, Eric found his soul and his purpose: Presence – and to share Presence with the business community.

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