On The Brink | Dr. Robert Wolf | Episode #209

Dr. Robert Wolf is a best-selling author on a mission, releasing his first book: ‘Not a Real Enemy.’

The book has now won a Nautilus Book Award, a National Indie Excellence Award, a Living Now Book Award, and a Readers’ Favorite Book Award for 2023.

Dr. Wolf is deeply saddened by what is happening in Israel and in the USA, and no time like the present could his book’s messages be more poignant, more relevant, more germane.

Dr. Wolf would like to see his book taught in classes, starting with Harvard, where anti-Semitism is on the rise. Dr. WolfI graduated Tufts in 1984, B.S. in Biology and Psychology, and graduated University of Michigan Medical School in 1988. He has been in the radiology field for over 34 years.

Dr. Wolf is the author of a biography about his father’s amazing story of living as a Jewish man in Hungary when the Nazis, and later the communists, seized power. Growing up in affluence, young Ervin Wolf was forced into a labor camp, unaware that his parents were deported to Auschwitz.

In Not a Real Enemy: The True Story of a Hungarian Jewish Man’s Fight for Freedom, Ervin relies on his wits and good fortune to escape the Nazis not once, but twice. Once freed, however, he finds life under communism so unbearable he must make the most daring of all escapes in the dead of a winter’s night. Not a Real Enemy is the true story of one of the most unknown chapters in the Holocaust, following the transformation of a young man as he confronts anti-Semitism, cruelty, kindness, despair, and hope in his journey toward freedom.

To purchase Dr. Wolf’s book, please visit https://mybook.to/I3hEA5

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