On The Brink | Eric Seemann | Episode #173

Eric Seemann is the photographer behind the lens of ES Wildlife Photo Images, and this is his world. A wild, wonderful world he shares through his vast collection of photographs. You will find a choice selection of those photographs on his website, images he hopes will bring you the joy, excitement, and beauty it has been his privilege to experience firsthand.

Growing up in British Columbia inspired Eric’s boyhood dream of becoming a professional wildlife photographer. BC’s natural bounty gave Eric endless opportunities to hone his craft. His unique blend of patience, passion, expertise and dedication is evident in the artistry of every shot. Eric’s lens is able to capture the drama and beauty in every moment.

Many years, and hundreds of thousands of photos later, Eric’s dream continues to grow and evolve, as he travels the world to capture the spirit of nature through his camera lens.

In pursuit of the wild, natural and unique, Eric has travelled every uninhabited corner of British Columbia, the magnificent Rocky Mountains, the untamed Amazon rainforest, the lush jungles of Mexico, and the vast savannas of Southern Africa.

Nature’s story is told in stunning images of North American wildlife — wolves, grizzly bears, big cats, elk, owls and raptors — as well as the leopards, lions and elephants of Botswana, South African penguins, and so many more fantastic creatures. The Wildlifer’s world is always expanding, and every animal he encounters is like a new friend he could not be more excited to meet.

As a well known and widely-published wildlife photographer, Eric holds a membership with Nikon Professional Services and is an invited member of the Professional Photographers Association of Canada.

Learn more about Eric and view his portfolio of wonderful photography at https://eswildlifephotoimages.ca/

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