On The Brink | Ivan Paquette | Episode #59

Ivan Paquette’s entertainment career began after moving to Vancouver in the mid-90s and he soon appeared in the original MacGyver series, 21 Jump Street, Black Stallion series, Border Town and made other appearances on television shows and movies.

As his success grew something in his spirit was calling him back to Prince George. During those years he would go back and forth to Vancouver developing his music and publishing songs. He was invited to help gather information from the Indigenous youth to help inform the public of the plight of the Indigenous people in the North. Using the Medicine Wheel teachings, Paquette created the model.

The BC United Metis Youth Circle was born, which is now known as Metis Youth BC. It was the healing piece; it was engaging the youth to help them see for themselves their future. That mentality of killing the Indian in the child in residential schools had to be washed away. The template used to form those circles was helping Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples and bringing them together.

Paquette always says there is unity in community and that result is what he sees in the drumming circles at UHNBC that have continued every Monday night since the pandemic started. Along with Wes Mitchell, they drummed for 47 consecutive nights when the pandemic arrived in March 2020.
Ivan’s first love is his relationship with God, who gave him the ability to write songs.

He wrote his first song at 15yrs old, to started playing guitar to accompany his songwriting that was getting attention and recognition and landing him a publishing contract in 1996. Ivan has a large repertoire of music and lyrics, includes Gospel, Country, Folk, etc., and many music influences.

Since 1989 Ivan has been instrumental in the Province of British Columbia and CANADA assisting artists and communities. His creative ability he has helped change the landscape in serving the arts community, creating successful government programs and services, etc. He has served on many boards and committees for many years, including 8 years at the Prince George and District Community Arts Council.

Ivan is a knowledge keeper – facilitator, and is well known for sharing his wisdom to make the world a better place.

‘If you give a person a reason to dream, you give the person a reason to succeed’ – Ivan Paquette

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