On The Brink | Jan Hedberg and Richard Lehmann | Episode #152

Jan Hedberg and Richard Lehmann are visiting British Columbia from Sweden. In this episode, John, Richard and Jan compare the Swedish forest industry to the British Columbia forest industry.

Join us for this eye-opening comparison of two forest industry giants – Sweden and British Columbia. Through this in-depth interview with Jan and Richard, they share their expert analysis and unravel the tapestry of these industries’ histories, challenges, and triumphs.

Whether you’re an environmental enthusiast, industry professional, or simply curious about the forest industry in British Columbia and/or Sweden, this episode promises insights that will leave you pondering the future of our forests.

Learn more about Jan’s company SKOGSRESOR by visiting: https://www.skogsresor.se/

To learn more about Richard, please visit: https://silvestica.se/en/crk-green-forest/rickard-lehmann/

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