On The Brink | Jason Pike | Episode #178

The Army investigated him, arrested him, and tried to break him. LT. Col. Jason Pike is undoubtedly A Soldier Against All Odds. National Best Selling Author and Book.”

A decorated combat veteran with multiple deployments, Jason Pike is the author of two books: an inspiring memoir and a book filled with actionable guidance to help others navigate the complex landscape of VA benefits. He not only survived 31 years in the service, but he keeps thriving. Pike has made it his business to help other veterans succeed just as he did.

Starting from the bottom, as a private, and working his way through the ranks, Pike tells his story with wicked whit and shows us the price he paid for his service – as well as a glimpse into the adventure of life in the Army, including 9 years of living overseas.

Diagnosed at age seven with an acute learning disability and failing first grade that year, Jason Pike was sent back to repeat it. At age nine, he was diagnosed with osteomyelitis, a crippling bone disease dissolving the bone of his knee that added to his academic challenges and a significant physical disadvantage.

With more than three decades of national guard and active service, after starting his military career at seventeen and retiring at the rank of lieutenant colonel, he was told that none of it would be possible. For that advice, there were indeed excellent grounds. His story, therefore, is one of survival, perseverance, and a refusal to quit, no matter what, a characteristic gifted to him by his father. Once he did it, everyone asked, “How the hell did you do it?” And many times, he had asked himself the same question…

In A Soldier Against All Odds, Jason Pile shows that It is possible, through determination, careful application, and bold strategy, to overcome or compensate for personal humiliation brought about primarily by his own mistakes, being haunted by investigations, academic difficulty, arrests, many ass-chewings, and physical frailty. He did pay the price for being himself. This is how he did it, but most importantly, how he survived it.

Despite these facts, Jason refuses to brag, refuses to portray any sort of pretentiousness, and refuses to call himself a hero. “The heroes are the ones, who didn’t come home,” he says. “Now, let me tell you about another time I managed not to die by doing something stupid.” Indeed, the mental image of Jason attempting to escape from a hole filled with animal feces in South Korea, his electrocution in the doorway of an airplane, running from a police helicopter after burning trash illegally, nearly breaking his legs after a faulty parachute jump, and being stabbed in ROTC are just a few Pike stories that are listed in the book.

Regardless of what he has experienced for good or ill, Jason’s jovial sense of humor and desire to teach others to believe in oneself persists.

Like the phoenix of Greek mythology, when faced with insurmountable odds, Jason rose from ashes, stronger and more determined, time and time again, to surmount them. The chronicle of life will inspire readers to wince, cry, and laugh. Jason hopes that the lessons he learned through the course of his life and his military career will be an inspiration to anyone confronting the future from a place of disadvantage.

After having walked through the VA benefits bureaucracy and endless paperwork, Pike has made it his business to master getting the benefits he earned, and he now has a much-needed blueprint to help other veterans do the same. His second book, Out of the Uniform, Back into Civilian Life, is an invaluable resource for veterans seeking clear, actionable guidance to navigate the often complex landscape of VA benefits and assistance programs.

“A journey equally defined by success and struggle. Pike pushes onward with a stunning refusal to quit. His grit, resilience, and remarkable vulnerability shine through every sentence, providing light and hope to readers in any season of life.” — Col. JACK WEDAM, USA, Retired

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