On The Brink | Jennifer McCormack | Episode #218

When Jennifer McCormack was growing up, she had always been intuitive & she also wanted to be a fashion designer, she had a desire to create beautiful clothes.

Jennifer was 1 of 5 and grew up with very little, her step dad once said to her “if you want that dress, imagine yourself in the dress, know the colour of the dress & see yourself twirling around in the dress”. – The idea of it never left her because this is how she learnt what manifestation is.

She spent 20 years of her life as a fashion designer and one day she was driving home from her first job for an international company, she had a bad car accident & she sprained her spine & was in pain, she was advised to see a kinesiologist.

At the time she never heard of kinesiology but after she had the appointment, she came off the table with no pain. After multiple sessions going back to the kinesiologist for different things, Jennifer was advised that she could become a kinesiologist too.

She decided to study kinesiology to see where it takes her, then decided to pursue it in business alongside other healing modalities.

Jennifer supports her clients in creating energetic shifts to scale their businesses to $10k-$50k months and beyond. Jennifer helps women all over the globe scale their businesses by taking their minds and energy to the next level. Guiding them through the challenges and struggles that come along with the entrepreneurial journey and helping them unapologetically sit in their power to rise and expand both themselves and their businesses alike.

Jennifer is also the only person in her field with a mission to guide you to quantum leap into goals within business, health and wellness, while specializing in all of the following modalities:
Kinesiology, Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, NRT, intuitive coaching & gut health healing.

Learn more about Jennifer at https://www.jennifermccormack.com.au/

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