On The Brink | Katie Stymiest | Episode #96

Katie Stymiest is the founder of CAKED BY KATIE – a fun and flavourful dairy-free and gluten-free online baking blog. She is also the content creator for the CAKED BY KATIE social channels, which has hundreds of thousands of followers, both domestic and international.

As a self-taught baker living in Prince George, Katie has a love for fun and funky flavours. She was recently featured in a Netflix special – Cook At All Costs – in a home cooking challenge, competing against three other cooks. The show is hosted by chef and restauranteur Jordan Andino.

In addition, Katie was one of three Prince George based- bakers who appeared on the Food Network’s Big Holiday Bake as part of the Reindeer Games Challenge.

Katie’s fondest memories of childhood are sitting at the kitchen counter with her sisters and mother making oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Soon after having her oldest daughter, Katie found herself in the kitchen, baby on the counter, mixing up cookies, a new cupcake recipe, or attempting a homemade cake. The rest, as they say, is history.

Follow or learn more about CAKED BY KATIE at https://cakedbykatie.com

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