On The Brink | Keith Bilous | Episode #249

Keith Bilous is a remarkable entrepreneur and host of “Live in the Lab with Keith Bilous,” a daily talk show where he serves as a committed accountability partner, guiding business leaders and athletes towards their next big achievements. He stands out as a Business Athlete and the go-to expert for those seeking insightful guidance.

His valuable insights are available at inside.bapl.ai.

A visionary in both business and adventure, Keith founded ICUC. Social, a pioneering company in content moderation and social media management. Under his stewardship, ICUC.Social became a virtual powerhouse, partnering with top-tier brands like Coca-Cola, Disney, Mastercard, Starbucks, REI, IBM, and Novartis. His strategic approach significantly boosted their social media presence, multiplying revenue and enhancing brand recognition.

Throughout his tenure at ICUC, the company not only led in revenue and profit among its agency peers but also achieved consistent annual growth.

Beyond the boardroom, Keith’s adventurous spirit has led him to remarkable feats around the globe. His explorations include:

  • Diving with Great White sharks in the Neptune Islands
  • Trekking the rugged terrains of Iceland
  • Trekking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
  • Kayking through the Galapagos
  • Summiting notable peaks like Mount Kilimanjaro, Volcan Baru, and Mount Pico.

His adventures extend to trekking the Mara plains in Africa and sailing the Southern Indian Ocean, showcasing his passion for discovery and photography.

On a personal note, Keith is a devoted father to three children and two dogs. He cherishes his family time and maintains a balanced life, dedicating time to personal wellness and photography, capturing the essence of his adventures and the world’s diverse beauty.

His journey as an entrepreneur, adventurer, and family man paints a picture of a life rich with experiences and achievements.

Learn more about Keith and his outstanding company at https://inside.bapl.ai/

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