On The Brink | Kyla Wilhelmsen | Episode #64

Kyla Wilhelmsen was a participant in the City of Prince George’s Titans’ Den competition back in November 2021. Kyla pitched a business idea, which was the only one that received full support from every single Titan, including John Brink. Kyla’s business idea turned into the storefront launch of Homespun Refillery, which celebrated its grand opening in April 2022 on 4th and Dominion in downtown Prince George.

Founded in 2020 as a small home-based business, Homespun Refillery is a one-stop local option for sustainable and clean-living essentials for northerners who want a convenient, low waste alternative to big box shopping, so they can live cleaner and healthier, while reducing plastic waste.

Kyla started Homespun Refillery out of a desire to help the environment by reducing the use of common plastic packing waste and single use containers. Recycling is an option in Prince George and other communities in central and northern BC, but she wanted to do more, so she started selling eco-friendly products packaged in mason jars online.

Kyla purposefully chose her storefront because she wants to be part of bringing people to the downtown as she believes it’s important to keep the downtown thriving because it’s the core of the city. So she found the perfect location next to other small, locally owned and operated businesses and got to work transitioning her business from home-based to a brick-and-mortar location.

Homespun Refillery has received overwhelming support from the community since beginning operations online and following the opening of its doors at its new permanent location. Kyla had no idea she would meet so many like-minded people in Prince George who want to make changes to their consumption habits, reduce their waste and use more eco-friendly products at home.

Now that she has a brick-and-mortar location in the downtown, Kyla is able to foster more partnerships and support local makers. She sells a variety of locally made products in her store that complement her offerings.

Homespun Refillery recently won a PG Chamber Business Excellence Award for the category of ENVIRONMENTAL LEADERSHIP AWARD. Kyla has past experience in banking, spending 11 years with Integris Credit Union, and also specializes in meditation and mindfulness facilitation.

Learn more about Homespun Refillery at www.homespunrefillery.com or following them on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/homespun.refillery (@homespun.refillery)

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