On The Brink | Kyndra Farrell | Episode #126

Kyndra is a young entrepreneur from Northern British Columbia who owns two successful businesses and works full-time in the forest industry. She started her career and businesses from her experiences as an evacuee from the Shovel Lake forest fire.

Her first business is an industrial maintenance contracting company with her fiancé that they have been operating for two years. They have 17 employees, as well as significant contacts with West Fraser, Canfor, Northwest Wood Treaters and many other companies.

Her second business, Worth A Shot Mobile Bar, is a mobile bartending initiative that saw Kyndra nominated for Best Youth Entrepreneur and the the BC Premiers Choice Award at the annual Small BC Business Awards.

Kyndra is the Vice President for the Fraser Lake Eco Cooperative project. (A grassroots community renewal initiative). This young leader has a wealth of education. First at the College of New Caledonia and now at the University of Northern British Columbia. In both places, Kyndra has held positions on the Board of Governors. And while doing her schooling, Kyndra has received over $40,000 in scholarships.

Kyndra’s most recent project is building an app for Northern British Columbia to connect individuals to volunteer opportunities. It’s called Sign Me Up (she’s been working with Charles Scott to develop it) at The Hub Space.

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