On The Brink | Lauren Leduc | Episode #202

Lauren Leduc is a visionary, yoga teacher, intuitive, mentor, and mama. With the special gift of cultivating community and creating accessible experiences, Lauren has taught thousands of students with her approachable and intelligent methodology. She is compassionate, thoughtful, and deeply invested in creating opportunities for others to grow and shine.

At age 17, Lauren was diagnosed with anorexia, which spiraled into a decade of anxiety, depression, medical problems, and a feeling of purposelessness. With a great deal of support from family and loved ones, Lauren discovered a plethora of tools and methodologies to heal herself, tap into her gifts, and ultimately become a beacon of inspiration for others on the spiritual path.

In 2015, Lauren founded Pop-Up Yoga KC, a popular outdoor yoga program in Kansas City, MO. Lauren soon found a permanent home for her Pop-Up Yoga program, which became True Love Yoga, Kansas City’s Premiere Pay-What-You-Can Yoga Studio. Eight years later, True Love Yoga is thriving with a plethora of trauma-informed yoga classes and a yoga teacher training program that has certified 125 yoga teachers and counting. Lauren’s True Love Yoga 200hr Yoga Teacher Training is widely known for its culturally respectful approach, deep roots in yoga philosophy, and a firm commitment to safe and intelligent teaching methodology.

After teaching thousands of hours of yoga and committing deeply to her studies, Lauren felt the call to expand her soul’s purpose by becoming a certified Dharma Coach/Spiritual Life Coach in 2022. With her natural inclination to guide others in an intuitive way, Lauren fortified her coaching training by becoming a certified intuitive reader. As a yoga teacher, spiritual life coach, energy healer, and intuitive reader, Lauren will soon be unveiling her signature 1-1 offering which combines her multi-faceted expertise into one beautiful, life-changing container.

Lauren’s greatest current spiritual passion is harnessing the Sacred Feminine and guiding women and femmes to love themselves and embrace wholeness. She believes awakening feminine folks to their power will be the catalyst for creating a more peaceful and loving world. Lauren has channeled her life experience, expertise, and passion into her first book, Embody Your Inner Goddess: A Guided Journey to Radical Wholeness, which will be published November 24, 2023.

Lauren also loves exploring all things Spirituality with her bestie, Rashida, on Your Spiritual Besties Podcast where they explore anything and everything from the mundane to the mystical.

When she isn’t working with clients, creating courses, leading international retreats, teaching yoga, writing, or running her business, you can find Lauren soaking in time with her husband and two-year-old, working on her garden, enjoying lake life, and watching shows about baking and drag queens.

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