On The Brink | Liam Parfitt | Episode #140

Liam Parfitt is the owner of Freya Logging, a local company that specializes in selective logging, knows the forest industry is in trouble and believes he has a helpful solution.

Liam believes that selective logging is the only way to fix the big clearcuts witnessed in British Columbia. Liam advocates that all of British Columbia’s clearcuts are actually full of wood and they can provide the wood required to keep British Columbia mills open. This will keep jobs in the industry sustainable and make forests functional.

Freya Logging is a Stump-to-Dump Logging Contractor specializing in making sure British Columbia mills do not run out of wood, including forest management, selective logging, community engagement, fire prevention and out of the box fiber solutions.

Freya Logging is a company committed to implementing sustainable logging practices such as tree thinning and planting to ensure the responsible and eco-friendly use of natural resources. With a focus on sustainable forestry management, Freya Logging aims to balance economic, social, and environmental factors to achieve long-term benefits for both the industry and the wider community.

Learn more about Liam and Freya Logging at https://freyalogging.net/

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