On The Brink | Marsha Vanwynsberghe | Episode #171

Years ago, in the midst of dealing with teen substance abuse, Marsha lost her voice, her drive, and shame/judgment ruled her life. She was consumed with trying to fix, manage and control others.

When Marsha started to share her story on small stages, online, on podcasts, she could have never predicted that she would find her soul’s purpose. Marsha learned that she wasn’t alone in her pain, and realized that the reasons we tend to feel alone is because we don’t like to talk about the difficult things/parts/and stories in our lives.

It became a personal mission to share her vulnerable story more openly. Marsha wrote in 3 collaborative books, spoke on stages, launched a podcast – Own Your Choices Own Your Life – and released her best-selling solo book: ‘When She Stopped Asking Why.’

Since then, Marsha has been published seven times, launched a second podcast, created a brand new business from scratch during the pandemic, recovered from full back surgery, and is more passionate than ever that our stories are meant to be shared to serve, support and impact others.

Marsha is now an NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, and has created a certification to support people in using NLP techniques to heal from their stories, craft their talk from stage, from a podcast, write their book, or grow their business. In addition, Marsha created a publishing house to support people in sharing their stories, supporting authors and becoming published authors.

Through these tools, NLP certifications, programs, coaching and two podcasts, Marsha continues to teach the power of Radical Responsibility and Owning Our Choices in our own lives. Marsha empowers men and women how to own and stand on their stories, be conscious leaders and build profitable platform businesses that create massive impact.

Marsha has spent the last 25 years as a Kinesiologist and Personal Trainer. She coached and mentored people on how to make physical changes and emotional transformations to their bodies and their lives. Her clients examined their thoughts, beliefs, habits and actions.

Marsha spent the last five years navigating herself through major life and family crises. Substance abuse entered her family, affecting her two teenagers from a very young age.

Marsha learned to navigate herself through the process, learning many valuable lessons. Marsha personally experienced financial, business and serious health challenges all while battling the feelings of frustration, overwhelming fatigue and isolation. She decided that her story and her lessons learned needed to be shared with others.

Learn more about Marsha at https://www.marshavanw.com/

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