On The Brink | Melissa Barlock | Episode #188

Meet Melissa Barlock, the visionary force behind Enspire Dental Opportunities and a seasoned entrepreneur. As the founder and CEO, she’s not only a global speaker, trainer, and certified personal coach but also an accomplished author with two #1 best-selling books on Amazon: “The Dental Edge: Stand Out & Create a Thriving Career You Love” and “The Dental Edge: Attract, Engage & Retain Top Talent.”

Melissa’s entrepreneurial prowess extends to her recognition as a top affiliate with SendOutCards, earning her numerous awards. Beyond the boardroom, she’s a proud mother of two, and a passionate traveler who believes in the transformative power of exploration. Having visited countries worldwide, she immerses herself in diverse cultures, languages, and histories. Her love for travel has not only enriched her own life but fuels her mission to inspire others to discover the wonders of the world through their own journeys.

Join us as we delve into Melissa’s multifaceted world on today’s podcast.

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