On The Brink | Murf Laidlaw | Episode #122

Murf Laidlaw was born and raised playing multiple sports in Prince George, British Columbia. He was a national champion youth skier in his younger days, then turned to pro volleyball after graduating high school from Kelly Road Secondary School.

Murf’s first career out of high school made him famous. He landed a career with Molson Marketing in Vancouver and officially became knowing as “Murf the Pilsner Guy.” He created the slogan “I Love My Life Right Now” which went viral across the country, especially during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

Although Murf found his love for entertainment during this career, he eventually got burnt out from the party lifestyle and missed competing in his passion: competitive volleyball.

Murf then started training with the national beach volleyball team at 37 years old. But then he hurt himself, and briefly felt lost, which serendipitously led to acting magically fell into his lap…

Since then, Murf has enjoyed many successes in the acting world, primarily out of Vancouver, which has become known as “Hollywood North” over the years.

The pandemic changed the acting industry, so now Murf can live in his hometown of Prince George and still act, while making fun commercials here in his hometown with local businesses.

Follow Murf on Instagram at @iammurraylaidlaw

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