On The Brink | Olivia Silvana | Episode #139

Former School Psychologist turned entrepreneur, Olivia has always been a free-spirit who didn’t fit or function well inside of a box.

Olivia has over 16 years in the mental health field and over 10 years of direct experience as a clinician. ADHD has always been one of her specialties.. She is trauma-informed as well as certified in mindfulness and other evidence-based modalities.

Despite her knowledge on ADHD, she went undiagnosed most of her life, which resulted in a clinical level burnout in 2019. It wreaked havoc on her physical and mental wellbeing. After being diagnosed, she decided to take everything she knew and apply it to her own life. As a high-achiever who was trying way too hard to keep up, Olivia had a significant amount of unlearning to do.

Today, Olivia runs a successful business helping other women with ADHD understand themselves so they can work with their wiring and not against it, too. Learn more about Olivia at https://oliviasilvana.com/

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