On The Brink | Peter Woodbridge | Episode #161

Born in England, Peter Woodbridge left school at age 15 and began work as a booking clerk for British Rail, where he developed a love for steam engines.

Continuing his studies through night school, Peter won two scholarships that led him to a B. Sc. in Agricultural Economics from the University of Reading, followed by an M. Sc. in Business Administration from the University of Bradford.

Peter began his professional career as an agricultural industries analyst, ultimately providing policy and planning advice to senior levels of industry and government in North America, Asia and Europe.

This took him to far-flung locations including tea estates in Uganda, cotton plantations in Ethiopia and tropical hardwood forests in the South Pacific—eventually settling in Canada, where his consulting practice produced numerous leading-edge strategic analyses for the global forest products industry.

Now retired from his consulting practice, Peter has returned to his first love—writing. The Girl From Barcelona is his first published novel of a fully fledged trilogy that he has released.

Outside of writing, Peter loves hiking in the mountains of British Columbia and Arizona, the relaxed lifestyle in Barcelona and travelling. Peter played rugby throughout his school days, later representing his university, eventually lapsing into social rugby in adult recreation leagues until his body begged him to stop.

An avid fan of English and European football, he sinks into abject misery every time his beloved Reading FC is beaten by lesser teams… which is often. It drives him back to writing.

Learn more at https://peterwoodbridge.com/

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