On The Brink Podcast | Jim Good | Episode 7

Jim Good is the Founder and Operator of Goodsir Nature Park, a year-round 160-acre botanical garden for tourists and residents alike in Northern British Columbia.

Goodsir Nature Park developer Jim Good spent his life studying native plant life. In later years he travelled throughout Canada coast to coast finding, recording, pressing and photographing thousands of plant species. Now retired he shares his life stories and success with the public.

Goodsir Nature Park is perfect for visitors, families and groups. It is a must for all of Canada to see and is in the top 10 best places in the country to visit. The park was built over a lifetime by one person Jim Good who also served in the junior forest wardens in the 1960’s and 70’s.

‘Goodsir Nature Park is a place where you can come experience a first-hand relaxing environment. The trails are well-maintained and along the way you’ll see various interpretive signs identifying all native plant and tree life in the region. Two botanical gardens have native trees from other areas of BC as well as different provinces and territories growing there.’


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