On The Brink Podcast | Vern Martel | Episode 11

Vern Martel won his first arm-wrestling tournament at 13 and was winning international titles by his 20s, but his career seemed over after a devastating motorcycle accident in 1984 left him with a paralyzed arm. Against all odds, he came back to win a dozen more world titles, and then faced, yes again, one of his biggest life challenges yet: defeating a fierce battle with cancer.

Vern Martel has 10 Canadian championships and three world titles. The local Prince George arm wrestler, who has overcome major injuries twice in his career, has a spot in the Prince George Sports Hall of Fame. The man known as the One Armed Bandit sees his selection to the Hall as a tribute to his sport.

Vern continues to inspire others with his story of resilience and courage. No matter what obstacle presents itself to Vern, this local difference maker finds a way to overcome it. We can all learn from this incredible being who refuses to give anything but his best effort in life, no matter what endeavour he takes on.

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