On The Brink | Prince George | Episode #229

Prince George (Film actor, television actor, rapper, artist, spokesperson) was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Prince George rose to international stardom with his breakout role as himself in 1997 on the Pa,sacio Davinci king show at the age of 14 as part of the music group called n.a.a.o. He studied filmmaking at media one, Comcast, Adelphia, and Time Warner Studios and The King Show etc.

After college, and Prince George broke into the entertainment industry Together with Vickie Hernandez as Screenwriter, Actors and have remained longtime writing and producing partners. prince George also became the Spokesperson for Warzone Comics . His production of The Prince George’s show alongside George Easley has earned him a recommendation from Time Warner which was a subsidiary of Time Warner.

He also embarked on making music and where he released His debut solo album Baby G.’s Cinque Album (2016), saw commercial success and spawned three Billboard Hot 100 number one singles: “Last man standin’, “Tweety” and “our business is no bodies business”. Since Then Prince George transitioned from conscious rapper to Hollywood a-lister .

Starting in and hosting the prince George show and the #1 Prince show OF the airwaves before heading such films as Bugsy “the becoming”, and badge of honor. as well as writing for Television, Motion Picture, comic books, Video-games, radio, magazines, music and podcasts.

Learn more about Prince George at https://www.warzonecomicswzc.com/our-podcast

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