On The Brink | Randy Mackus | Episode #193

Randy Mackus is a Prince George athlete who has become a world-renowned golfer. Back in 1995, Mackus lost his arm to a rare nerve tumor that they didn’t discover until it spread. When they found out the cancer was aggressive, it was determined that the best way to keep him alive was amputation.

For over 27 years, Randy has been embracing his life on and off the golf course, and is highly ranked in the North American One Arm Golfers Association.

Randy competes against some of the best one-armed golfers from all around the world. Randy also gives back to the community of Northern BC by teaching all-inclusive golf to youth, all with the goal of growing the game in Prince George while also inspiring others with disabilities like himself to give it a shot and see what happens.

Mackus appreciates all of the courses and owners around Prince George and says he couldn’t think of a better place to golf than in Prince George.

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