On The Brink | Riley Banzer | Episode #79

Riley Banzer is the Founder and Owner of Olympus Freerunning, Prince George’s first and only Parkour Training Facility.

Parkour is the discipline of moving your body from point A to point B in the fastest most efficient way possible. It is the activity and culture of practicing to pass/overcome obstacles or structures. Parkour can be a fun activity to get in shape or a discipline to challenge your body and mind. It consists of, but is not limited to these basic locomotor abilities: running, jumping, climbing, crawling, vaulting, swinging (brachiating), and rolling.

Riley is an amateur Parkour/Ninja athlete, aspiring serial entrepreneur and motivational speaker. His ongoing hope is to use his mental toughness, energy, and natural abilities to help as many people as he can to get what they are after in their lives.

Learn more about Olympus Freerunning, located at 1741 Nicholson Street, by visiting www.olympusfreerunning.ca

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