On The Brink | Rose Cardinal | Episode #163

Rose Cardinal is a local tattoo artist and entrepreneur who moved to Prince George from Northern Ontario.

Rose is the Founder and Owner of the Queen of Swords Tattoo Studio in Prince George. Before moving to Prince George, she was working out of her own studio in northern Ontario – where she was born and raised. Rose knew around age 4 that she wanted to be an artist (Follow Your Passion Living the Dream). Rose went to post-secondary school and earned a Fine Art degree and now she gets to draw on people… everyday!

Tattooing has brought Rose on a journey she could have never imagined, having met thousands of people from all walks of life. Tattooing is very much like podcasting, where you get to spend time with individuals one-on-one without the distractions of daily life/technology… Rose has been very fortunate to cross paths with some amazing artists that have all shaped who she is as a tattooer today.

The Queen of Swords Tattoo Shop is located in Downtown Prince George. This by-appointment-only studio gives the whole tattoo experience a different vibe. It’s more personal and attentive. There are absolutely no distractions or traffic. It’s just the client and Rose.

The Queen of Swords is a completely inclusive studio. That means – all are welcome and this is a safe space. Makes the space feel more cozy and my clients, more often than not, appreciate the privacy my studio offers. My space is like a raven’s nest! I collect all sorts of mementos that remind me of times and people. Every piece of decor has a story.

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