On The Brink | Simon Yu | Episode #56

Nearly 50 years ago, Simon Yu immigrated to Prince George from Hong Kong carrying only two suitcases. As a young high school student speaking very little English, he attended Prince George College, a local residential boarding school. As one of only a handful of immigrants in his school, Simon discovered and embraced the cultural diversity of this community.

Simon has since built a legacy and family of six successful children in Prince George. The Yu family name is entrenched in the fabric of this community that touch all areas of the city through their work in teaching, coaching, medicine, business, engineering, and music. Simon is also a proud grandfather of 8 grandchildren, who all live in Prince George.

As a long-time active citizen and volunteer in Prince George, Simon is inspired by the history and aspirations of the people of the great city. Simon arrived in Prince George with nothing, and believes he owes this community everything.

Simon Yu keeps a promise of integrity and dedicated public service in every moment. He is a community leader and business owner. Through his four decades of experience as an instructor at CNC, board of directors of UNBC, Prince George Airport Authority, the Downtown Business Association, and many other community organizations, Simon has forged a strong community vision for Prince George.

Simon’s over 30 years of consulting engineering service in Northern B.C. and his instrumental leadership in the 2003 Aceh Post Tsunami housing relief effort have provided him with deep insights and practical solutions to help solve many challenges currently facing Prince George.

Through these experiences and his time as the municipal manager for Rankin Inlet, Nunavut in the late 1980’s Simon gained deep knowledge of municipal administration practices and how to work with senior governments to get things done.

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