On The Brink | Tami Van Kalsbeek | Episode #88

Tami van Kalsbeek is a certified self-love coach, executive assistant, dedicated mother, a grateful recovering alcoholic, empath, and founder of The Soul Project.

Tami has combined these passions and skillsets to support those who are seeking deeper self-awareness, understanding, and growth. Her mission is to empower and heal the lives of women who have lived and experienced trauma, addiction, and self-sabotage behaviors. Tami teaches women to heal themselves through spiritual practices, meditation, intuitive eating, removing limited beliefs, habits, and any blocks that hold them back from living a life they truly deserve.

A few years ago, Tami found herself in a very dark place and she turned to drugs and alcohol as a means to escape the harsh reality of a failing marriage, deteriorating mental health, depression, and childhood traumas that had always followed her. In essence, she hated herself and made bad decisions repeatedly, continuously waking up with anxiety, guilt, and shame.

For years, it was a continuous vicious cycle of self- sabotage, low self-esteem, and toxic relationships. Tami was completely emotionally and spiritually bankrupt, and never thought she could find the strength inside to change her life around. She doesn’t remember the moment when something switched in her; that moment she was finally done living in pain. She just knew she needed help, that she had problem and something needed to change.

Tami is over 850 days sober. On her own self-love journey, she has discovered the beautiful parts of her that had been locked away for years. Here’s a link to Tami’s website: https://thesoulprojectwithtami.com

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